Yarra Valley Hummer Limousine Tours

If you are looking for the perfect weekend getaway with your friends where you can relax and have an incredible time, then Mr. Hummer Limousine has an offer you cannot refuse: a private winery tour of Yarra Valley in a limousine.

Yarra Valley Limousine Tours

Our Yarra Valley Mr Hummer limousine wine tours offer an unforgettable experience for you and your friends. With groups bookings of 10-18 people this ensuring personal and intimate service throughout the day. This begins as soon as you arrive with a bottle of champagne waiting for you in our hummer to set the mood. Then your amazing journey begins as you leave the familiarity of Melbourne and drive into the beautifully serene Yarra Valley wine country.

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This VIP experience is very affordably priced and will provide you with an astounding day that you will remember forever. There is no better way to relax and explore the countryside than with a limousine wine tour from Mr. Hummer.

We purposefully limit our winery tour groups to no more than 18 people so that everyone receives personalised attention and service. We want our tours to be intimate and enjoyable not overwhelming and disagreeable. We do our very best to ensure that every person embarking on our tours has a wonderfully pleasant experience. Everyone deserves a break: treat yourself to a luxurious getaway with one of the best hummer winery tours in Melbourne.

We can be reached by phone at 0439 228 797 or by email at info@mrhummerlimos.com.au

Yarra Valley Limousine Tour Packages